In order to determine the source of the problem read the questions on this page.

Question Is there a way to listen to more than one chapter at a time?

Question With our retail products you can listen to longer passages. With most of our software you can listen from Genesis to Revelation non-stop. However on our website you will have to be content to listen to one chapter at a time. Our retail products may be purchased here.
Audio Bible Products

Question I have WebTV, why can I not hear the audio?

Question Our audio files are in RealAudio version 2 format. When Microsoft took over WebTV, support for this file format was dropped. See for more information.

Question I have a computer, why can I not hear the audio?

Question Make sure you have some version of RealAudio or RealPlayer installed on your machine! Any version will work all the way back to RealAudio Version 2. A free copy can be downloaded here.
Download RealPlayer
Some of the later versions of RealPlayer require you to also install a plugin. This can be done from the "Check for Update" option in the help menu of RealPlayer. The plugin you want to download is the "RealAudio 2.0 Codec Plug-in". If you have RealPlayer installed but are not getting any audio, click the link below.
If RealPlayer does not come up, your version is not installed correctly, reinstall it!

Question Can I use the Windows Media Player to listen to the audio on your website?

Question Windows Media Player version 6.0 and before support RealAudio version 2 files. Support for this file format was dropped with Windows Media Player version 6.1 or later see the Microsoft Knowledge Base for more Information.

Question Why does the counter reset itself to zero?

Question The count for pages read in a year is kept in a cookie on your machine, if you disable cookies or erase the bible cookie the count will revert to zero!

Question Why do the purple chapter numbers revert to blue every so often?

Question The links for chapters visited turn to purple after you visit a page. This is a function of your browser's history feature. If you set the history to expire in 30 days, these links will turn back to blue in 30 days. If you clear your browser's history all these links will revert to blue immediately.

Question Why does the text of the Bible suddenly disappear as RealPlayer starts to load?

Question All I know at this time is that some settings in RealPlayer can cause this problem. If you associate the AVI video extension with RealPlayer this problem may occur. I have no easy solution at this time. To fix the problem try the following. Re-associate all .AVI files to some other player, like Media Player. reboot your machine and then reinstall RealPlayer and do not associate AVI video as a media with RealPlayer.

Question You say RealPlayer is free, why am I asked to pay for it?

Question RealNetworks needs to sell software to stay in business, so they are trying to sell you the plus version of RealPlayer. A free version of RealPlayer is indeed available! You may have to look a bit harder for it, but believe me it is there. Look hard for the word "FREE".

Question Why am I getting "file not found / no DNS entry" errors?

Question Try to clear the history of your browser and delete all temporary Internet file, then try to listen again.

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